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August 13

Today is the 8th anniversary of Margot’s passing. I did not remember when I woke up. My mom sent me an email this morning letting me know she’s thinking about us. That’s what reminded me. I feel guilty for not remembering sooner. But I’m grateful for the prompt. Otherwise it would have just dawned on me at some random moment during the day when I looked at the date. The same thing happened this year on her birthday, when I was reminded in the morning, having been notified of Carissa’s blog post.

Each year time does more of its healing work. The pain is now dull, it lingers below the surface.

This morning I managed to wake up early and go for a bike ride between rain showers. It was cooler than it has been. Low clouds kept the harsh morning sun at bay.

Most days, life keeps the harsh morning pain at bay.

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