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The Rules

Respectable Road Club Rules (WIP)

  1. These are not like the Velominati rules. These are both more and less serious.
  2. What kit you wear does not matter.
  3. Tri-bikes and aero bars are verboten.
  4. Otherwise, what bike you ride does not matter.
  5. These are no-drop rides.
  6. That said, they will average 14-16mph, depending on terrain, weather and traffic. Do not ride if you expect to be dropped at that pace.
  7. Each ride shall have a leader, who will determine the route. If you are not the leader, you do not determine the route.
  8. Routes are optimized for interest, lack of traffic (pedestrian and motor), and often the availability of coffee. They are not optimized for your training schedule.
  9. However, routes will often be on roads with relatively heavy traffic. Know how to ride in traffic.
    1. Yield right-of-way at intersections.
    2. Stop at lights
    3. Take the lane
    4. Signal
  10. Know how to handle your bike, particularly around other cyclists.
  11. Optimize for souplesse.
  12. If the weather is favorable, and the opportunity to drink coffee during the ride presents itself, it will more likely than not be taken advantage of.

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