Busy Busy

Starting this afternoon I had *better* be in the fucking studio! I will be in the studio pretty much every day until the project is finished.

Update: FUCK! The producer disappeared in Croatia! He is fucking AWOL and the studio owner works eves until Wednesday. {Insert really much worse words here.} I am on to contingencies….

In addition, last night I was invited to play drums Wed and Thurs evening at one of the most popular bars in Sarajevo in a jazz quintet.

SO I will be posting more info on that in this space, once the gig is confirmed.

But otherwise things are likely to be quiet on any other front. Most I could hope for is a couple pictures from the studio or the gigs.

My apologies to anyone waiting on work from me. :)

Update: Contingencies in full swing. Removed generalization about Bosnia, kept rest of the bad language because darn it, the guy deserves to be cursed at, and the Bosnian curses are much, much worse than what I said!

Also, I am definately on for Wed and Thurs night, albeit a bit nervous. The guy called today, his name is Darko by the way, and he needed to know my family name for the posters and for the radio announcements! I will post another entry when everything is finalized tonight. Needless to say I’m only listening to my jazz records between now and Wed! Also looking for a place to practice, maybe tomorrow during the day or Wed…?!?