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rinzai » Blog Archive » Cingular doesn’t want iPhone ’switchers’ just yet

Ok, here’s what I really don’t get. Beyond basic issues with the main User Interface “feature” I have already made mention of, why, WHY would you get excited about getting MORE locked into both a technology company that practices extensive lock-in, DRM, etc.*, and a telecommunications company that –I can personally vouch for– sucks donkey balls**.

Lots of people are going to buy the phone, switching to Cingular, etc. Then they are going to get pissed that Cingular drops calls like crazy. Then they’re going to realize that the iPhone, when it comes to what 90% of them really want –a decent phone + iPod, is not SO much the innovative leader it’s been made out to be.

An unlocked iPhone Nano…now THERE would be something to cream one’s shorts about.

  • My beef with Apple is not an argument that they are no better than others (namely M$) when it comes to innovation and UI –they ARE more beautiful, elegant solutions– but that they are not any less evil than M$. And they continue to prove it. This whole Jobs-as-an-angelic-savior thing*** is just marketing a lot of ppl have fallen for.

** ALL telecommunications companies suck donkey balls, and Cingular has, to their credit, been helped –in my case– with a new phone and an integration with my home phone/data provider. But most people I know hates them some Cingular.

*** Last night’s Weekend Update was tops, but this one will do for now: