Should I Cry Myself to Sleep Because I'm Not in Someone's Top Three, Five, Eight, Whatever?

Now here we are living in the middle of William Gibson’s envisioned Cyberspace and now you’re an outcast if you don’t have a Myspace page, Facebook account and who the hell knows what else that I, at an elderly thirty-six, don’t know about. And that’s fine, I don’t need to pretend I’m Forever 21 nor do I have a desire to relive those underwhelming, peer-pressure, fueled weird years.

Now I find myself in new awkward territory with more and more requests by other business owners, peers, and professionals to become “friends” inside these same social sites and I don’t quite fully grok this new layer of “networking”. Does it really matter that I’ve posted a note on someone’s page? Are we missing out on some large contract because Airbag is on Virb but not MySpace? Should I cry myself to sleep because I’m not in someone’s top three, five, eight, whatever? Second Life sucks–oops, can I say that with my outside voice and not be an outcast?


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