Shannon airport is total chaos, Ryanair puts the suck in budget, my system in a state where all I can think is, “How are these people eating?” My flight is supposed to board in one minute but I don’t think it’s going to happen. St. Vincent’s Apocolypse Song finally made me pick up a pen and write. After Land Mines I’ll have to put the iPod away and listen for a boarding announcement.

I have no idea. But I’m content.


Um? OMG? This is going to be the longest short flight ever. I’ve never actually seen a plane where they crammed so many seats in. If my femers were any longer they literally would not fit. And the seat backs are total plastic so there’s no extra cushion for…oh, there’s actually no mechanism for putting one’s seat back, so that’s a relief. This flight is completely packed too, with plenty of children and smelly old men. None next to me yet, but I’m skeptical. I have the only free seat I can see next to me and there are still people coming on.

Might mike it. American pilot? Oh gawd. Still more people to come. We’re sitting here for another 30 minutes. One hour flight. I think this is the kind where they charge for tea. Ok, no, I can’t really explain how close the seats are. I’m not clausterphobic that I know, but I’m losing it a little. Time for headphones. They’re blasting commercials through the intercom. For drinks. Heh that would be nice if I could find a place to put it or move my and to my face.


Can’t bear to pay two Euros for a six ounce Coke. They’re shameless. And it only reminds me that this flight cost more than a business class flight from Dallas to Miami. Now they’re advertising proprietary scratch cards over the intercom. the flight attendants keep bumping me on their way past.

Once you see a person go psycho, you can never look at him or her the same way again. You hear that so-and-so’s crazy and it’s cute and funny, but once you’ve seen it for real, it’s over.

Elenor Rigby (forgot to note the page)

The seat never filled. My legs are in that place. It’s the little things. Elenor Rigby has gotten to the point where I can hardly put it down. I must return to it.

Travel dissolves you. It makes you need to rebuild yourself, forces you to remember where you’re from.

Elenor Rigby, pg 204

The lady next to me bought a scratch card, huge smile on her face. I’ll never understand this culture’s fascination with gambling.