Bloom Plans Sarajevo Siege Film

BBC News - Bloom plans Sarajevo siege film:

Pirates of the Caribbean actor Orlando Bloom has announced plans to co- produce and appear in a film about the siege of Sarajevo of the early 1990s.

Speaking in the city earlier this week, the 31-year-old said he hoped the film would be made in the Bosnian capital.

The film will be based on Fools Rush In, US writer Bill Carterโ€™s memoir of living in the city during the siege.

โ€œI read the script and the very human story at the very core of this film spoke to me very clearly,โ€ said Bloom.

The actor, who made his West End debut in the play In Celebration last year, will not be playing Carter in the proposed drama.

Shortly before leaving for Sarajevo I got an email from a friend of Bill Carter, and about one day before departing got an email from Bill himself. They had found me via a blog post I had written about his film, Miss Sarajevo. Because I was a musician, he cautiously gave me contact information for his best friend in Sarajevo, a blues musician who was featured in the film. Like as with most of the Bosnians I met there, I was welcomed with weary smiles, drinks, and smokes. It was the perfect introduction, however, and allowed me instant access to the music scene there. Sarajevo is such a small town, it is easy to meet people and nearly impossible to understand them or get them to open up. Old habits, especially those developed during wartime, are hard to overcome.