Yesterday (And a Bit of Today)

5:45am: Lucy wakes up and nearly rolls off the bed, scaring the crap out of all three of us.

8:30: Penn and I leave for his SMU soccer camp.

8:50: We arrive 10 minutes faster than yesterday because I avoided that stupid section of Mockingbird east of 75.

9:15: Arrive at work. The day starts pleasantly and I have high hopes for a productive day.

10:15: Get a call from Penn’s soccer camp. He was pushed during a scrimmage and fell on his shoulder. I talk to him on the phone and he’s crying and wants me to come get him.

10:30: After more traffic I finally arrive back at SMU and find Penn. He’s holding back tears and clearly in a lot of pain. I ask him about the pain and am immediately concerned about his collarbone. While I never broke mine during my bike racing years, it is the most common injury in the sport so I know a bit about the symptoms.

10:45: On the way home I notice Penn crying again. I look in the rear-view and he’s got an look of agony on his face. I ask him if he wants to go straight to the doctor but he says he wants to see his mom.

10:50: We get home and I set Penn up on the couch (the camp had already provided a sling, so that was good) and discuss options with Carissa. She calls PrimaCare who say they would just send him to an orthopedic doctor if it was broken. We’re not big fans of PrimaCare, having had a number of bad experiences there, but it’s cheap and we have a high deductible health plan. Still, if we’re going to need an orthopedic referral anyway, I’d prefer it came from his real doctor. Carissa calls the pediatrician and leaves a message. Lucy already has an appointment with her at 3:45 for her six month checkup and vaccinations.

12:00: While waiting for the doctor to call us back and give us some advice on how to proceed I manage some lunch and then fall asleep on the couch while hanging out with Penn.

1:30pm: The doctor calls Carissa back and they set up an appointment for 3:30, piggybacking on his Lucy’s appointment. This leaves me just a bit too little time to make a trip back to the office worthwhile. I check email and hang out with Lucy while Carissa tries to get Penn to eat something, knowing the rest of the day might drag on once we get to the doctor.

3:45: As expected, the doctor pretty much immediately sends Penn to x-ray. He and I go to the nearby imaging center while Lucy has the rest of her checkup and shots. I’m secretly glad I don’t have to watch the shots be administered. The x-ray is super easy (he was a little anxious about it) and Penn and I have fun hanging out and joking with one another while we wait for the news. I tell him the lead apron they made him wear around his waist was so that his mom and I could have grandchildren someday. He says he’s feeling better and thinks maybe his collarbone isn’t broken. (“50/50” he quickly adds, already the odds man.) At this, I get my hopes up.

4:45: The x-ray technician comes out and informs us that Penn has a clavicle fracture. Doh!

5:00: Back at the pediatrician’s office, she writes us prescriptions for painkillers, a new sling and something for Carissa’s skin, which has another abscess, which the doctor also lances for her while we’re there. Penn gets to raid her goody drawer while they’re away. We’re pretty good friends with our pediatrician, so we get special treatment!

6:00: We drive across north Dallas to a special drugstore for the sling, which takes forever and in the end Penn doesn’t like. C’est la vie. My office (where my computer still sits in wait for me to get back from my quick trip to pick up Penn) is marginally on the way home but I realize as we get close that I had left my keys at home. In addition to rush hour continuing on a little late for a Friday, all the traffic lights in our neighborhood are out, not even blinking red, wreaking havoc.

7:30: I get back from going to the office for my computer and our pharmacy for Penn and Carissa’s prescriptions and we have a quick dinner.

8:00: I’m free to go have drinks with some friends, something that I had been looking forward to all week but was now really looking forward to. It is as enjoyable as I had hoped and I stay about 1-2 hours longer than I planned but do manage to switch to water and get re-hydrated after a few delicious martinis.

12:30am: To bed.

5:45: Lucy’s up again! This time delightfully still, although not in the bassinet like I would have preferred. She gets very demanding at night sometimes. Something about mom’s breasts.

7:25: Leave for a group ride that leaves from north Dallas at 8:00, so I have to book it. Then the ride then starts off fast until I get a flat tire, after which I’m lucky to join up with a different, slower group doing the same loop. Then at the turn-around I’m able to re-join some people from the original group who are headed back. Then the sun gets hotter. And hotter. I barely make it home.

12:00pm: On weighing myself after my shower I’ve lost about six pounds since yesterday. I’m under 200 pounds! (Ha. Despite 4+ bottles during the ride and 2 bottles & 2 glasses of water after the ride.)

2:00: As I write this the rest of the family is at Penn’s soccer tournament, supporting his team. I’m proud of him for not moping and going to cheer for his friends.