Below are all the music projects of which I have been a part.

Oddities, Obscurities & Obscenities

Oddities, Obscurities & Obscenities:

In May 2015, Jim Phillips, singer and mastermind behind Lousy Robot, unexpectedly passed away. Before his death Jim and the band had been working on collecting outtakes and rarities from previous recording sessions in hopes of putting out a collection of weirdness titled Oddities, Obscurities & Obscenities.

The collection included three covers. I recorded a cover of Peacocks. I also designed the cover image.

Skeleton Closet

My producer, Salim Nourallah, covered my song This Town for his record Skeleton Closet. He also used my song It’s a Good Day as the basis for his track Andalucia in the Spring.

Remix Form

I released individual tracks from Form at Remix Form for anyone to use.

Form Instrumentals

A few instrumentals-only tracks from the Form record, suitable as beds for videos, podcasts, etc.


My most recent studio recording. Form is a record of (mostly) cover songs, performed by (mostly) other people. After my daughter Margot died, I found myself no longer with an artistic voice to help make meaning out of the meaningless, but a need and desire for the same. So I asked my friends to help, and found bits and pieces of the story in others’ songs. More information on the Bandcamp page.

Remix Daniel Miller

I released individual tracks from some of my records at Remix Daniel Miller for anyone to use.

Reamericana EP

The Reamericana EP is a remastered combination of a previous EP, The Americana EP, and songs that did not make it onto Happy Sounding Sad Songs. More info here.


On Tuesday, August 17th many dear friends of ours gathered to remember our perfect, precious Margot Rose Miller. There to perform in her honor were Chris Holt, Salim Nourallah, Doug Burr and The Beaten Sea. This record is a collection of the songs they played for her, in the acoustic style in which they were played that night. More info here.

Wake Up John

My friend Jon Broom was in a motorcycle accident on September 5, 2009 and suffered a severe brain injury. At the time we started writing and recording this song, he was still in a coma. We recorded this song to help his family during that time.

l’objet petit a

I consider this my most recent record of original material, even though some songs were released later, these are essentially my newest songs.

Happy Sounding Sad Songs

My only full-length still in the wild. Recorded under the name Johnny Citizen.

Americana EP

Recorded in Sarajevo, BiH, during my short time there. I don’t have this record online, mostly because I remastered most of the tracks for Reamericana EP. Recorded under the name Daniel Miller Band.

dealing with madness

My debut record. I have a couple mp3s on a hard drive somewhere, but no other evidence this record ever happened. For the best.

Other projects

I facilitated in the recording and preserving of some other things.

This is the only recording of Escalator Maintenance Society that I know of.

I recorded this live Happy Bullets performance at an art gallery I once had something to do with.

I made this mash-up for a friend, under the name The Brothers Citizen.

I’ve made a lot of other mashups and mixtapes, but they were all very personal or contextual.