This site is built using the Jekyll Ruby-based static site generator and has been for the last decade or so. Prior to that, many Content Management Systems were used, including a home-spun PHP-based CMS called SWIM. It started its life in 2001 on Blogger.

It is built on my personal computer, a MiniForums desktop running PopOS.

It is written in VSCode. I typically use the Ayu Mirage theme but sometimes switch to Github Light. Krita is used to manipulate images, when necessary. It is deplyed via rsync from the terminal. I use Zsh and Oh My Zsh, with the Oh My Zsh git plugin getting heavy use. Source code is managed via git and GitHub. The font used in both VSCode and the terminal is Hasklig.

Post ideas are stored and managed in Notion and Logseq.

Words are typed on either a MagicForce 82 with Gateron Brown switches or a Razor BlackWidow Tenkeyless with Razor’s Orange switches. Words are viewed on a Dell UltraSharp 4k LCD monitor. Things are pointed and clicked on with a Logitech MX Master mouse.