hey everyone it’s been awhile since i blogged.

i’m really stoked with life and coffee right now so excuse the exclamations.

not that anyone is reading this anyway. this is for me. and you if you’re reading. i am really trying to be profound or at least give you a glimpse into a journey.

last night i auditioned to play drums in a band that is right up my alley. very groove oriented. fusioneske. reggee beats. plays out already at good clubs. my age. mature people. want to succeed. want to make it. can make it. talented. needless to say i fit right in. hee hee. anyway i’m buzzing from the opportunity. i’m missing the chance to play a very big gig with them because of the europe trip, but that came along well before this. i just met them thursday night when i was at dada’s arranging the hate mail installation there for november 15-17(!!!!!!!!!). they were playing there that night. actually my first gig with them, if all goes well, will be the 15th! so i’ll have my premier showing there at dada’s, and also the same night my premier with this band! the band is called yoko theory. no web presence yet but i will have to remedy that when the time comes.

still working on my own project, too. slow going as always. playing out a bit more as well as checking out the growing scene down here. i remember three years ago you couldn’t beg a gig or an open mic out of any establishment. well it seems the people have revolted because there is tons of great acts and great venues now. saw three acts last week at three great venues and seeing another this afternoon. playing an open mic almost every tuesday in west palm. it’s great. i hope this drumming gig works out because i really believe in it. the stars seem to be aligned in its favor.

it looks like the sale of the house will be final this week. we also hopefully got a good credit check and will have an apartment set for when we move out of here. we’re moving to hypoluxo, on the intracostal, a 5 min bike ride to the beach. it’s a great little community and we’re very excited. Miriam started the downsizing/simplification process this weekend and we have a great room full of stuff we’re selling/getting rid of. friends have started to come by to pick stuff up. after we get back from europe we will do a proper garage sale. but damn it feels good to shed.

excuse the typos but i have no time!

ciao. i love you all.