Tonight I consumed. I ate my friends food, I drank their wine, I smoked their cigs, I drank their coffee. And left without even so much of a thank you. So thanks. I mean that. Really.

It looks like I might actually accomplish things that had to be done before I left before I leave. I’m not so stressed. Maybe it was the consuming. Maybe it’s blind faith. Maybe I’m just not going to fall for the world’s tricks anymore.

Everything’s going to work out. We’re not going to die from poverty. Ha that’s laughable in this country. We scoff that things here might become as dangerous as they have been in the rest of the world for a very long time. We scoff because death has come into our lives just as vividly as it used to be 50, 100 yrs ago, or is in the aformentioned rest of the world.

Everybody asks what I think about this new war with bin laden. I still think the same as I did the day after it all happened, when the emotions were still running like fluid, when the gigantic hole in the collective conscious of this hemisphere was still sucking our spirits out. That is, there is no meaning. There is no such thing as meta meaning. God is not meta meaning. God does not creat meta meaning. We do not create meta meaning for or of God. There are little scraps of sanity that we can keep in our cupboards of life.

Cheers and I’ll see you on the other side of the pond.