this is kinda an old thought that just popped in my head for some reason.

why do all corporations think they’re different? all companies want you to be sold out to the corporate vision, which is just some bullshit thing that means that whoever has the stake in the company wants to make buttloads of money in order to afford the disgustingly huge places they’ve already bought. the whole rah rah for the company because the company is so cool and they have the best culture and blah blah blah rah rah bullshit really was and is just the dot com sellout genX’s turn to turn from activist and visionary to sell out to the capiltalist materialist society. the boomers at least made it until the 80’s before things really got out of hand. not us Xer’s though. we were only in our twenties when we sold out. thank god for the bubble bursting. now we can get real again.