today i had the thought that the world IS going to hell, and i’m ok with that

i was just standing there, pumping gas, and it occurred to me.

i used to get a little freaked out about these feelings, this being connected to the collective conscience in a little too intimate way; then i made a little too big a deal about it, as if it were something sent by God or something, which, maybe it is, but that’s still no reason to make a big deal about it; now i just roll with it, but i’m much more in tune with the reasons for these feelings.

like today i just got this feeling that the world is a lost, lonely, self-destructing place, at least as long as we people exist on it in a technologically advanced manner.

damn that wheel. that got this whole mess started.

but i realized that i’m also just feeling that universal depression that people are feeling right now because it’s after the holidays, the weather isn’t great, it’s kind of a lul in life right now. and that’s ok.

it doesn’t mean that we’re going to hell. it just means we live on earth.