Last night I had this funky dream that I hesitate to share, because it’s quite a disclosure; but the end result is so great that I guess I will. Just don’t continue if you aren’t ok with that kind of thing.

Pretty simple. Miriam and I weren’t married in this dream; I was married to someone else! But it was just M and I in the dream, and we had such an attraction to each other, but we were trying to be good people, and I was trying to be faithful to my “wife.” But that passion was so there, in the air between us, and we both knew it and knew we knew it, but we were just trying to resist it.

That was it. Nothing else happened. My subconscious switched gears or blanked out and I don’t remember anything else. And it’s rare that I remember dreams anyway, unless they wake me up they’re so bad. Usually when I remember them like this one it’s God.

And this morning I woke up loving M more than ever. This happens every day anyway, but this morning it was almost tangible. I had the “new lovers” feeling. I was like “Yes! WE are married!” It was on a very emotional level. The level you can never conjure purposefully but that level that can conjure you.