Christian Porn Machine

Christian Porn Machine played its first gig last night.

Lotsa fun, good set, really enjoyed hanging out with Seventeen and Maypop. Maypop’s set was really good. Definately check out their tunes. Got the CD in the player right now, in fact.

CPM is definitely a love-hate relationship for me. So far I’ve gotten us our first gig–which actually paid i might add!–and now i’m going to donate webspace, build a site, and contribute to the domain registration? Excuse me? And my bandmates have….yeah….

I can say all this here because neither of the other two guys read this. Scott does, and he’s in the band, but I have a feeling he’s “on my side”…not that sides can be taken…anyway…

And I’m just the f-n drummer! This is essentially their project! They are both moving to Boston at the end of the summer to pursue this further. Who knows if that will work out for me. Probably not.

And if they ever DO make something of it? Royalties? $$? Yeah. All them. No me.

Not to mention i’m the only unemployed one in the band!



No more griping from me.

Last night was great.

Can’t wait to do it again.

And Maypop invited us to play with them next Friday.