My main concern with any such thing is that, as someone very passionate about change, both within the church and within individual believers, I have a hard time in places where any status quo is defended simply because it’s the status quo. I am exploring faith completely outside of either the church or any faith-tradition assumptions. I keep reading the reports from these “postmodern” conferences where they say things like “we need our own vocabulary” and “the people we’re talking about don’t have, and won’t have any part of, anything to do with ‘the church’ (as we know it)” and I’m thinking “you’re just now figuring that one out?” It’s ironic because I do speak a new vocabulary and people get offended by it! (And I don’t just mean writing a story with the F-bomb in it.) For a few years I was interested in changing the church from the inside, but I’ve changed since then and only approach it from the outside. Alot of peps have a hard time understanding me as someone of a growing faith outside of the church or its faith traditions and vocabulary.

The other thing is that, after checking out your venue, we realized that no-one in my group of co-conspiritors, could ever possibly afford to stay there. This changes the practicality of our participation in that we would need full subsidizing; or we could camp out nearby or something. I’m also a little concerned that your demographic could afford to stay there. I thought you had a pretty young demo.

What can I say? Money sucks.

Not that this is limited to your conference. I haven’t been able to go to any of the big conferences because of the cost. I may never be in a place where I have that kind of disposable income, and I have no big evangelical organization flying me all over the world like some of the “gurus.” Our efforts will always be simple, low-budget, often times low-tech (although we are facinated by, and use frequently, technology), and grassroots.