john: dude. i can see it

A Snider: dude. cool. it was down for a while. but it’s up again

john: it was my isp they had a dns tag they wouldnt change

A Snider: told u

john: down why

A Snider: they were doing some changes to the servers. but it wasn’t that long it was down. 1 hr maybe. all the sites were down.

john: an hour we could have lost thousands of potential readers. and readers thrun into donors and donors turn into money which turns into food and cars and houses and kids

A Snider: let’s SUE!

john: i really like the bluw too. great job dude. uz is the awesomist web cat in know

A Snider: no prob. we can change it pretty easy

john: anyway chris was just inportland and visited a church that is full of street peeps and he said they had rage worhsip and it was great. ken loyd is the guy who is leading it and it reaches the young peeps in the portland inner city who have been destroyed by the system. cool stuff. hey if you are still interested in just found cheal fares from jfk to brussels $400 rt

A Snider: cool. i am indeed

john: dude im pumped about seven it looks cool

A Snider: cool. u don’t mind my use of the word “ass” on the front page …?

john: where did you do that. in the blog. u naughty boy

A Snider: you read it i know. cuz you changed your # of kids in that post!

john: hey is the car a stick

A Snider: the car is stick. can yer boy drive stick?

john: no. but i can. about the ass i just dont notice cuz u use it so much. all the bad words

A Snider: i told JOK about it

john: its the devil in u. about what

A Snider: cuz he wasn’t allowed to use suck in an article for some other website

john: ha

A Snider: and i was like, well i said sucks ass in seven….oops

john: arent such propeer little peps. thats it man u r banned

A Snider: i can go strike it out

john: and i cant be friends with someone who speaks suchly so fuck off.
john: language is such a stupid thing. yet essential. funny how words can encite such emotions

A Snider: back to the car…it’s 4 speed so it’s not too hard

john: we watched billy elliot with all the older kids and didnt even realize how much cussing was in it until about 1/2 way through. what car. the one u r giving me?

A Snider: and also we wanted to tell u that we can do any kind of payments at all…yeah

john: cool jacob gets home tonite soi will talk with him. $1000 right.

A Snider: yeah

john: cool

A Snider: however

john: yes

A Snider: 100 every other month is fine for example. or just whenever.

john: thats too cool dude. where do u wnat to meet?

A Snider: dunno

john: wait u know my credit rating i very poor. im a bad risk

A Snider: i’m going to take it to DC and then meet you somewhere the first week in July …

john: and i might not pay on time

A Snider: oh well

john: awesome. pitsburgh

A Snider: …hmm…something about forgiving your debtors

john: or actually washington pa is half way. where in dc r u to live

A Snider: Arlington

john: u yuppy

A Snider: :) sweeet place too. we just got it set yesterday

john: cool

A Snider: i get to work in their business center. printer, internet, etc.

john: do u have to buy an suv to live there?

A Snider: so you won’t hardly even notice i’ve moved except we’ll be closer

john: alot closer

A Snider: goin’ to one car….i’ll just bike around

john: hey u can start goin to brian mclaren’s church then right

A Snider: probly once just to see what the big friggin deal is. i expect to be dissapointed

john: no keep an open mind. isnt an open mind very postmodern

A Snider: well if i expect the worse it won’t take much to exceed those expectations

john: ha ha. or r u post post modern. or pre post modern

A Snider: i’m premodern man. just tell me what to do

john: or maybe just antisocial

A Snider: yeah

john: me tell u i havent a clue. what im doing. how can i help u

A Snider: just tell me when to stand up and sit down during worship at least

john: ok i have gottin zip done today so need to go

A Snider: yeah i got to work too

A Snider: i’m going to post some of this conver to my blog it has cracked me up!

A Snider: chow chow

john: chow3