The move:

Been saying goodbye a lot this weekend. Been saying “We’ll see you at Christmas” a lot this weekend. Been getting rid of a lot of stuff this weekend. Feels like we’re movin’. Been a while since I’ve been in this place. I mean, that place of just about to move for good. 4.5 years. In fact.

But, well, here we go.


Nobody has “got” Rob yet (if you have and I don’t know about it email me, because something got messed up with my system’s config…I should know when someone finds Rob). Yes, that was the final installment. I kinda know who reads this site, and I always took you all for sharper and more inquisitive. Or maybe you’ve just been busy the last two days and haven’t made it around here (btw, I started only keeping three days up on the home page to try and keep you coming back more often, tricky me). Either way, I’ll maybe start dropping more hints in a few days. Let’s just say he’s out there.


Speaking of email, I added two emails today. You’ll notice that the email above was to info@danielsjourney.com. That’s one of them, so far only on my resume. The contact link on each of my pages has changed to spam at danielsjourney dot com. I’m trying to avoid the spam bots. If you have my original very intuitive email address for danielsjourney, that’s still the one you, special person, want to use. Other peps gotta use info or spam…