Dr. Dremo's Open Mic

This story is going to have to trickle down (uneconomically) in pieces as I’m inspired. I have had an amazing week and have a lot of little stories that I think you, my ADD luvlies, would appreciate.

I’ll start with something recent: last night I went to this amazing open mic at Dr. Dremo’s in Arlington. It has been a long time since I had so much fun and felt so quickly connected to other people on a deep level–particularly (considering they were) people I didn’t know prior to last night.

There isn’t too much more to share–how can I adequately describe such experiences? Alive, overwhelmed, joyous, frustrated, sobering, drunk…all in one breath.

So I’ll let some links help tell the story. I have this feeling that these people will have some role in my future, just what remains to be known.

The open mic itself was run by a lovely lady named Courtney Totushek. She is way cool and hecka talented, too! She started her set with Under the Milky Way by the Church–a song I covered in Florida a couple months back…I think one dude in the whole bar knew that song back then…I think a few more of us knew it last night…

One of her friends/collaborators is John, who runs a design firm, Meticulous. You won’t have to explore his online work for long to realize that he and I have a lot in common, except that I am completely put to shame by his talent and output.

So, yet more new people in my life who completely amaze and inspire and are humble yet brilliant, down to earth yet dreaming, helping us all to breathe yet daring to try and take our breath away…