1. Did anyone read Rob? Good? Shite? Let me know I’ve heard nothing except from my wife who doesn’t have the patience or mind to read a script. Oh and since I’m not sure anyone found it, here it is, a storehouse of bonus shite including the script. Also almost no-one found all the emails that provide some context: -1- -2- -3- -4-. They’re all off of this page, if yer inquisitive enough to find them. The one no one got was Tim’s, which is in the same syntax as one of those four, but I’m not going to give it all away.

SO 1b. Reading The Dialog? Should I bother? You know I’ll write it for one person, I’m just a tad isolated up here.

  1. Jeans. I need new blue jeans; but I can’t think of a single brand available to me that’s not sweatshop-made (off the top of my head: Pepe, Levi’s, CK, Arizona, Hilfinger). Please let me know what common brand I can get that’s not made in a sweatshop. Do I have to drive to New York and spend $100 just to get a pair of f-k-g jeans?

Update: I also forgot to mention that I have an article in seven this month.