Back From Greenbelt

back. very sick. this may mean I’ll be online alot because I can’t move from my chair, or it might meen I won’t get to this thing again until next week, because I’m sick and have a million and a half things to do before sunday.

the funny thing was i was totally fine until about a minute after I got on the plane, then symptoms that normally come one at a time…sore throat, coughing, faucet nose…came all at once in a hurry and making up for lost time.

steve took the time to ride the tube with me to the airport and hang out with me while I waited for my flight, which was very cool. he and everyone from grace were amazingly hospitible to me, providing for me (read: a ride to Cheltenham, a tent, an admission to GB, morning coffee, the post-GB breakfast, the Proost catalog…etc), cluing me in on how to properly do the festival, introducing me to a lot of new, interesting people, and otherwise making this ignorant hrumph of a man welcome. they are definitely #1 on the forthcoming GB top ten list.