More GB updates:

Jonny Baker is, thankgawd, commenting some on GB. I will continue to point to all the people talking about or posting pictures from GB, but Jonny is an excellent resource. He is one of the bigwigs of alt.worship and it was cool to be adopted for a short time into his crew of subversive worship creatives. Stay tuned to his blog for GB commentary.

There is also a GB blog which I haven’t had time to check out yet, but looks really quite good. I ended up hogging the mic a little bit at the unofficial blogging seminar at the festival, which was basically a get together for everyone who was contributing to that blog. They lucked out in that they have a great group doing the blog this year, and they just let anyone who wanted contrib. I was being opinionated at the seminar because a good group blog can become a bad group blog very quickly, and I would hate for GB’s to become a bad one. But it’s not so let’s not talk about it anymore.

The GB site itself ..also looks like they’re crackin’ and should have some pics and artifacts up soon.


One seminar I hadn’t even planned on going to, but ended up at the venue and went, “Hey, that looks cool,” was “Write to worship” by Mary Taylor of Sanctuary (who also did a v cool installation in another venue..i think i got a picture of it and will of course post asap). She had two very cool exercises for us to do, to spur our writing. Here are the two little pieces I managed (free of context):

Play my heart strings a quick arpegio, lay down a beat with a gentle, sharp attack, fill this empty body with song, beauty, rhythm... Holy story-teller, write my story late at night by the first with a huge mug of good italian joe. Get crazy about 2 a.m., throw in a Lynch-like freaky-freak just to keep this odd character guessing...