warning: self.disclosure

last night i had this really bizzare dream. i’d forgotten about it all day but it just came back to me. u wonder about my voice “against” the church, well this is the kind of shit floating around my subconscious. i was at some “festival” in the US. a “christian” festival. jonny baker was in my dream, speaking at this thing…or something…(my dreams are always vague)…anyway, it was something funny, a satire of some kind. except some middle-aged WASP couple had taken exception to our satire and was drilling me, rebuking me, chasing me into the amazingly piss-smelling bathroom and beating me with their soft-sided shoulder-slung lunch coolers (vague, right?). i ended up saying “shit” or “fuck” or something and then all hell broke loose. i think i woke up at this point.

just so u can have some PO reference here, it seems Greenbelt, Soularize, Burning Man, Jim and Tammy Baker, Jonny (UK) Baker, the old couple from the end of Mulholland Drive, the people fundie-evans bashing me on the Next-Wave board all combined to make for a really funky dream. fortunately i’ll forget it by tomorrow….

which all reminds me of a note i took at random in the middle of


it will be impossible for AM.XIANTY to ever get here*. (Has to do w/ broader culture.)

*meaning the spiritual plane (?for lack of a better werd) evident at GB