Yesterday’s piece was truly postmodern: neither element was original.

The image was a complete take on New Yorker’s Sept 24, 2001 cover by Art Spiegelman. I never saw the original magazine, but I heard about it during (I think) this NPR piece (no HTML, link can found here).

The words, in case you live in a pop culture bubble, are from U2’s song, Peace on Earth.

Update: There are a lot of people in the world today. 4 of them visited my site yesterday. No, 2 or 3. 1 or 2 of those were me. And I know who one of the other 2 was. I can guess the last one. This is why I never had a site meter, dammit! And while I wanted to say FU to everyone else, and leave yesterday’s install a gift to 2, I realized today that I didn’t go to anyone else’s site yesterday either. So I shall cast no stone, post this link, and then go wallow in my deepening depression.

Here’s yesterday’s version of the site, danielsjourney.

Update2: I forgot to mention, for non-tech types, if you have 800x600 screen resolution, hit F11 (fullscreen) to see the entire image. F11 again brings u back to normal.

Update3: Thanks to all who emailed to tell me they visited the site 9/11! It seems my counter was a bit off! cool. I’m not depressed anymore, either (but for other reasons!)…