if u r wondering where iā€™m at, IRL gigs are a big heavy right now.

  • Yesterday (Sept 14): ALL day--Protocol class (whoooo was that FUN! :P yeah.). Night--fray
  • Today: everything from clean apartment, get groceries, study bosnian, and schedule week. Open mic, Witlows. U: no POSSIBLE way. haven't even gotten to the store or my bosnian homework yet...
  • All week: Bosnian 5hrs a day + homework. Practicing like crazy for gig.
  • Monday: Legends of Rodeo in Richmond
  • Tuesday: Update: Over the Rhine is NOT this month--they're in NOV OCT (see how my brain is spent)! Actually a good thing. I'm SO busy! :) :P Guitar lesson 6pm.
  • Thursday: Open mic, Dremo's.
  • Friday: Playing at CG ~8:30 (see above or below).
  • U: Saturday: Most likely the parentes coming down for the day...</ul> Last week was also Bosnian all week, Monday night I was up till 5 working on design issues. Tuesday I went out to see a friend of mine Samantha (and Mike) play at Whitlows and ended up staying out late talkin' with all kinds of people but mostly John A. Wed I slept 14 hours. Thursday I played Dremo's open mic. Friday we went out with foreign service people to this overly gooch place in the District. So u see...