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These are my unread messages from the RSS listserve. RSS is an important topic I need to learn more about as I develop my Dynamic Widget Moving System software. Yeah. This is why musician-photographer-novelists-with-websites developing software and learning a new language tend to end up a post-combustive pile of ash on the living room floor sometime around, oh 6PM on a Thursday.

Meanwhile some past work is paying some dividends–sadly not monetarily–only in a bit of fame equivilant to yesterday’s grinds left in the coffee maker overnight.

My New Church Pt 3 is in the current Greenbelt Insight roundup. This is slightly more cool these days as they keep less stuff coming through, so it’s supposed to be better stuff. But then I know the editor so there you go.

My New Church Pt 2, which caused a stir over at next-wave.org (dead link) last month, has already spurred a retort article (dead link), which in turn has already spurred another thread (dead link) started by some amazingly calm and intelligent person I don’t know if I know.

1. I’m quoted! WOW! Does this mean I’m legit? After the quote he says:

On the surface, Daniel Miller’s article gets points for being clever and sounding cutting edge but… it his comments are neither Biblical, as he casts light on the literal revelation of the Word of God, nor is there anything spiritually productive. First, where is God in the equation of giving and preserving revelation, ala I Peter 1:20? Secondly, the whole comment oozes the same mentality that is being used to present the heresy (gasp!) of the openness of God that teaches God does not know the future and that makes Him so “much more real.”

I LOVE IT! (Although I am unsure what “it his” comments are.)

2. Previously, on the aforementioned board (dead link), THIS incredible thing was said about me:

I’ve seen this same article written by about 150 different people on the internet now. When’s it going to stop being considered original? We all know this…so let’s move on. Or is it the fact that this guy’s tight with Coupland and Vonnegut that makes him more than cool?

Damn I wish this were true. Although someone jumping to a conclusion (or are they mocking? oh well, ignorance is bliss) that I’m even remotely in the same camp as Coupland is a great compliment.

Someone also referred to me as Sir Miller. Oh shite. They weren’t being antagonistic, either…

SO it is an interesting life, isn’t it. Everyone go see the new pic up at Christian Porn Machine (dead link).

Does anyone watch those old SNL episodes with Mike Myers as the female jewish public access talk show host? The other day I was watching that and he goes:

…Christian Porn Machine is neither christian, porn, or a machine. Discuss…

[dead image]
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