Comment Politics: Awwww f****

I want to be posting a lot about everything that’s going on, in East Europe and Slovakia, the Balkans and BiH, and here in the good ol’ USA. But it’s too depressing, all of it. I feel desperate and lost and powerless. Plus I’m not sure how much I can say about any of this anymore, being obtusely attached to our government. How about I talk somewhat obtusely?…I’ll give you some links and let you work the rest out for yourself:

An overly positive article (but hey we need one) on Slovakia’s recent elections, where an old commie was again elected as a MoP. He’s running for president soon.

Bosnia elections see nationalists prosper. As we say (in Slovak and Bosnian): Strasne! (With a little thingie ~ over the s which makes it sound like sh.)

And finally, here at home, perhaps the most disturbing thing I've seen in my lifetime. I'm still in shock that this is happening in my country. Here's one quick historical precedent. Here's one of the most horrible articles I've ever read, as featured on their homepage.
Update: HSCB satire Sorry for the false alarms. That's pretty good satire when it fools pretty much everyone. But I guess that's the point. Personally I like to laugh when something is supposed to be funny, but hey, shocked, fooled, and pissed off is another way to go. I made the mistake of posting about it after reading only three pages of the site. A closer look begins to make it more obvious. Begins. This from the same list the link was originally posted on:
> Just so concerned folks know, the website is satire. > > I hope. It is. Pretty well-done, too. Go to http://www.samspade.org/ and type in hscb.org and tap the Do Stuff button. It's a joke site, folks. Even SamSpade says it, with it being hosted by thing.net, registered with, of all places, Computer Services Langenbach GMBH dba joker.com. The owner's in NYC. Let's see the real Homeland Security people bring that down. They'll be parodied left and right rather savagely.
Go to landoverbaptist.org or whitehouse.org for what I would consider funny satire.

And, finally, yes, this is really close to us! Some sick f*** shooting people