Imagining: Greenbelt02

Yes I still have pictures laying about!

Grace’s service (more info):

While the thing I like about Vaux is their creative dealing with the human condition of suffering, the thing I like most about Grace (besides how nice they are all to me :) is their dealing with the human perplexity of identity. This entire service was called “Who do you think you are?” and dealt seriously with the issues of how we affected by other people’s comments, how we think about ourselves, and how hard it is to accept unconditional love.

I’m beginning to believe unconditional love to be the central message of Jesus’ teachings, actually…Redemption without healing is only useful post-Earth, an area no-one can be entirely sure of anyway. And I’ve begun to explore music and art’s role in that healing in more depth as well. I feel an article coming on.


But all that to say that the Labyrinth also had a lot to do with identity; especially “inward journey,” which i found to be the better half of the installation, if only for my own personal reasons. Identity, and specifically insecurity and rejection, have been major themes in my psychological life. The Labyrinth experience was no exception for me. Later Steve told me it was originally partially developed by someone with a background in counseling.

An interesting integration that occurred during the Labyrinth was in the first station (pictured above). The “noise” movie loop shown on all those TV’s had a split second of a sine wave in it. Sine was the theme from Vaux’s service (pictured below), which I had attended the night before. There was also a Morse Code loop in the audio for that station. Almost as if the Divine were sending her signals through to us, in codes and signs, right in with all the noise of our everyday lives.

Which is also a theme of Chuck’s new book Lullaby. But more on that tomorrow. Until then…