Minutia: Rainy days

It’s a cold, rainy day today; but I don’t mind. One thing Florida did was make me used to rain. I’m hoping the rain deters the sniper long enough for the police to find him/her/them. Please continue to pray that they do; the fear on this city is debilitating.

I’m home for lunch after my class in the morning, a trip to the dentist, and this afternoon I have area studies class. We’re watching this excellent video in that class called Death of a Nation. I’d link to something if could find anything on the web about it. I mentioned the book last week.

Gonna be a quiet few days as I get through some offline things and some long overdue programming. Tomorrow I have a test in Bosnian and a cavity drilled at the dentist. Woo hoo. All before noon!

Lose Vrjeme (bad weather):<div style="margin-left: 20px;"> Momak Jeden: Oprostite? Momak Dva: Da? 1: Da li je to vas kisobran? Is that your umbrella? 2: Ne znam. I don’t know. 1: Ciji je to kisobran? Whose umbrella is it? 2: Ne znam. 1: Da li imam taj kisobran? May I have that umbrella? 2: Ne znam. 1: Sta znate? What DO you know? 2: Znam ti si mokar. I know you’re wet.</div>