Tech.Comment: Blogging for Dollars

This topic has once again come up. I first read some article (don’t know if that was the one) on it thanks to Cooper. Thought it was sadly funny. Then I was at Greenbelt and this guy actually asks me, “So do you make your living [by blogging]?” I was like, sheyeah! And he was like, “Oh I read that there are people doing that now.” And I went, yeah, like ONE. (Miriam just goes, “Yeah, the the homeless guy! And he doesn’t have a bank account to receive the $$ with!”)

Well now it’s getting more complicated (re: Microsoft paying people to blog from their conferences), but I like this summary from dive into mark:

1. Wile away the best years of your life building a weblog and filling it with useful, interesting, relevant, topical, engaging content every day.

  1. ???
  2. Profit! </i>