Minutia: Books

My reading is very geographic. I have a to-be-read queue of books, all of which are on the bookshelves–about 10 books, some of which have been in the queue for far too long, some of which have been pulled off the shelves and started only to be neglected and forgotten and put back in the queue (but definately still in the queue); but I have a current reading queue, which resides in various locations around the apartment. Veen is sitting on my desk along with my recently and finally aquired copy of my very own (yet somehow not at all mine) I Am Relevant. These alternate between the desk and the kitchen table along with PHP4 XML. Also somewhere in a pile either on my desk or on the shelves above my desk is a stack of articles printed from Next-Wave or seven magazine.

By the bed are Traveling Mercies: Some Thoughts on Faith, a book I am reading outloud to Miriam at night, by the very cool Anne Lamott. We’re definately adding a bunch more of her books to the ol’ wish list (look to the right) at some point. Also by the bed is Requiem, a book I’m still working to get through.

Then there is always one book that follows me around. It is the book that jumps queue and gets read all in one swoop, never getting stuck in the kitchen or on the desk or in the bedroom or (god forbid) in the bathroom. Recently it was Lullaby, which I read in 3 or 4 days. Now it is Unsung, with which I have again been teasing you. It’s going a bit slower because I’m busy and it’s not a casual read; it is quite thick. But it is the queue jumper right now.