Comment :: Bowling For Columbine

Bowling For Columbine : In Theaters October 2002

I saw this movie yesterday afternoon. Highly recommended. It is a little scattered; some heavy handed bits thrown in that don’t fit the overall message of the film. I think if you go in with a political hat on you will be disappointed. Go in with a human hat, thinking about the values that make for a better humanity, and you will glean some great stuff from this film. Very important. And the best soundbite was from a Marilyn Manson interview! What a dude! (Also check out the “history of the united states” clip on that page.) (ALSO, the GOOD part of the Manson interview is not in that clip! Crap!)

The main thing about the movie was an integration of some themes I’ve been exploring here as of late: Fear; and mostly fear driven by media. The film’s comment on America’s collective social fear was its most important, methinks. Led to a great conversation over dinner, which trumped going to see Bill Mallonee for the 5th time this year (or playing at an open mic), where some nice people mostly listened to me think outloud while I put together some of my ideas about how to use new networks to help more artists become sustainable. More soon.

Great quote (and I’ll be paraphrasing here), from a Canadian punk kid who’d skipped school: “Canadians solve problems by talking. The U.S. solves problems by dropping bombs.”