Tech: RSS and Newsreaders are NEET-O!

SO, I finally got my RSS feed going after a long time of thinking about the best way to do it and procrastination.

It still may change as time goes on, eventually I’ll create an actual XML file instead of doing it on the fly like I do now. The details on my feed are: Right now I’m keeping formatting and links in the description field. No images tho. And only the first paragraph of text. And the last 5 entries…

You might want to check out this very well done newsreader as well: FeedReader. I’m using it right now, and let me tell you: Get an RSS feed on yer site! Going to the actual site is so inconvenient! :) Plus no guesswork–you know it’s been updated! No deep dissapointment when your favorite blogger in the world has taken the last hour off. :)

color image with less crop: 59K what happens when you then click my link, or double click the headline: 61K

My feed is also valid.