Minutia.coment.elsewhere: Feel safer?

So it looks like they caught the sniper (ballistics match all but 3? of the bullets). Do you feel safer? What about those of you who aren’t even in the DC area? Were you feeling scared? Why? This last few weeks was an interesting journey of fear for me. At one point I was really scared; even when I realized that this was not an isolated experience or even comparable. But somewhere in the middle of all this, I saw Bowling for Columbine and I realized thanks to that film that we are stuck in a culture of fear. And I’ve determined to fight that culture by choosing (as much as possible) to not live in fear. Fear is a debilitating, destructive emotion. It only helps when you have to run away from a bear in the woods. Our evolution hasn’t been able to keep up with our technological advancements. What good was fear when there were so few measures you could take against the sniper? (And fear wouldn’t facilitate any of those measures anyway.)

Fear is mostly just for feeding dark spirits, for making us distrust each other, for distorting our thoughts, for inhibiting love. As as much as I am big on love, I am against fear.

Go see the movie.