Minutia: Pray

I am officially working full time on helping Miriam find a solution for, or at least some relief from, her suffering. It has been managable for some time but very recently got really bad. It gives me a sense of purpose to do this…I’m grateful to at least be at/in a place where I can concentrate on helping the person I love; but it trumps everything else for obvious reasons and means that I will ignore everything and everyone else. This particular exercise (writing in my blog) is very theraputic, easy, quick, and a nice, constructive break to take every now and again, but I’m trying to lower expectations here. :)

I seriously don’t know how Miriam does it. She’s an amazing person, and I am really the only person that understands how; because I see how she suffers and yet how she carries on, how she still works and is successful, how she makes me laugh (this morning on her way out the door to work she did a perfect imitation of trigger happy tv, the one where he’s playing a Swiss guy in the park: “when you anesthetize me for the operation…”), and how she still creates such amazing displays of beauty like this. She shows a courage I’ve never seen before.

For more information: AD and allergies. Conversely, if you have any information to give, send it me.

Also please understand if I don’t get back to you on other things.