Brilliant Anil Dash Interview

(what new features would you like to see in weblogging tools like Blogger and Movabletype ?)

        I'd like to see them "just work". The amount of time and knowledge it takes to orchestrate the various pieces needed  to start weblogging is still just plain ridiculous. And every system seems to start out relatively simple and only  ever get more complex. Sharing my thoughts with the world should be as easy as emailing or IMing a friend, not a chore  involving using 4 different tools and 3 different services with a host of confusing terminology.


        To put it succinctly, we've got too many features already, today. The focus should be on making the ones we have now  either hidden or automatic, and limiting the exposure of the advanced functionality to that small percentage of people  who are interested in using or building such features.</i>

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yes! SIMPLE! :) …plus many other things i resonate with