Slovak in Austria Blogging in English

Then he tried to kiss me but luckily Mischa 7 was still sleeping. And as for the rest of us: Mischa 1 did not want to have sex because she just does not. Mischa 2 does not have sex, she only has wine. Mischa 3 could not breathe anymore. Mischa 4 did not want to have sex at 5 am. Mischa 5 did not want to have sex with a taxi driver. Mischa 6 did not want to risk any additional health problems - we go to almost all specialists already, dont need to go to all of them. Mischa 7 was sleeping, luckily, because that one would just love to do whatever Mischa 5 doesnt. Mischa 8 did not want to have sex with somebody we dont know. Mischa 9 only has sex with herself. Mischa 10 only has sex out of love - makes Mischa 10 best friends with Mischa 9. The other Mischas also had their reasons but luckily we could reach a consensus within a second and that was very important.

…Thinking about all what could have happened if Mischa 7 was not sleeping is terrifying.</i>