Two Towers and God

So we saw Two Towers last night. Just a few thoughts.

My main thought was that this is one of most blantently Christian stories (I mean–the Golem’s repeated Romans 7 moments–hello!?). I really felt the truth of Good vs. Evil through this film, and wondered to myself why the Scriptures do not paint the picture so clearly…they are full of weirdness and contradiction. Tolkien so beautifully and clearly touches on so many aspects of Good and Evil’s workings on this Earth, the story shows us how we all play into the hands of God, the unseen feeling that guides us for good, or the Devil, the evil eye that lives in some dark place down here. It inspires us to fight for Good in our lives. But then, this is what story does. Just wondering to myself why we don’t adopt more of this literature into our religious canon, instead we have people trying to twist the nasty scriptures into the infallable, figured-out Word, and we have the Christian Porn Machine, I mean Publishing/Culture Industry, creating absolute crap.

Check out this review of TT from an, um, far-right source: - LOTR-Towers. They reference “full side nudity, male, repeatedly.” At first I was like, what the?? Then I read the review–they are talking about the Golem. I can’t stop laughing…too funny. All the sisters out there who might be led to lust after seeing Smeagol.

Also found off of that site…in other totally crazy old white people shit: