Some Pictures

Only 48 hours until we get back to our home, away from the madness.

M and I are both amazed that we only moved 6 months ago, away from this black hole. Have I become less cynical since the move? Because I feel huge waves of cynism coming on, in only a week. I feel no-one seeking stories beauty or meaning and I wonder how I even ever thought of those four little powerless words while we lived down here. It is all about the almighty Me down here. It’s not really just one thing, or specific people…the aura down here is just black. I know we managed to carve out a little space for ourselves, with a handful of other seekers, mostly rock musicians, but I see now how that took almost 5 years and once we had it we were too spent to maintain.

So enough of that..last night we had a little partial CPM reunion:

l-r: scott, daniel, aaron

"quit fucking with my tuning, dude!"

daniel plays new tunes

aaron plays really amazing new tunes

this one I took on Christmas day. that’s nadia and samuel, who have been subjects of my imaginings before.

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