What a Year for a New Year

Today is supposed to be a day of reflection and planning for the new year. Well, one out of two isn’t bad:

today has been a crazy day of being completely overwhelmed with all the things that have to be done, most importantly have to be done before we leave country May 1. Has actually made for a pretty horrible day, internally at least. The problem is, I (and I think we humans) operate based on very tangible points-in-time. We just passed one of those points in the passing of the year 2002; but for our family, the next is our move to Sarajevo in May. Only thing is, there is too much to do in that time (unless we didn’t need sleep and had a staff of one or two more people!).

SO, no reflection on 2002; it is gone but for the archives of the blog (and isn’t that the main point of a log?); no resolutions either (there were going to be a lot of them about getting back into shape and taking care of this sagging body, but seems like I will only have time to just say no to all dairy {those who know me know I haven’t had milk or ice cream in years} or anything but water to drink in an attempt to stem the growth of this gut). Expect me to rescind on things promised (articles, etc.) on this blog, finish up those other things committed to in person, and say “no” to any other requests. The Daniel you are used to will return sometime mid 2003 (hopefully with the Sarajevo lifestyle, integration research and SWM in full effect). :)