Donnie Darko


The dreams in which I’m dieing are the best I’ve ever had…

Finally saw all of Donnie Darko, and what can I say? Brilliant. Miriam “figured it out” before I did, then we immediately watched it over, with director’s commentary. Just checked out the website today; it’s alright; nothing special; could’ve made it so they could add pieces of story later, and allow people to add to the story; but I guess that is our deal now isn’t it? (Those who know of what I speak, know of what I speak.) The main thing is that the writer/director is my age exactly. Hmph. I stayed up for a couple more hours then working on Micha’s story.

Congratulations, you are Donnie Darko. You’re not afraid to speak what’s on your mind and tell people what you’re really thinking. You think about sex a lot and sometimes you wake up with your hands down your pants. Which Donnie Darko character are you? by Shay

And today I ran across

Also, this is a good indie britpop band: spacehopper