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What to put in a bio/about/whatever? Hmmm…

Currently residing: Arlington, Virginia
soon to be: Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina

Occupation: Now you’ve asked the tough one. Do you mean, by what do I earn money? If so, then web designer. but I would hardly call it a living. Mostly I alternate between the following: musician, photographer, software developer, technologist, information theorist and architect, installation artist, activist, writer (fiction and non), volunteer, and armchair sociologist. Someday “they” will create a job for me of utmost importance and unfathomable pay. In the meantime I do the housework (not all of it though).

Past life: Software consultant and trainer, physical trainer, church music director, drum/guitar instructor, bicycle racer, psychology student, parking lot security guard.

Hobbies: Since I don’t have a “real” job, I got to put all those under “occupation”, except for…

Travel abroad: Germany, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria, Netherlands, Italy, Slovenia, England, Australia, Israel.

Beer or liquor: Better off with beer.
Days when I’m feeling fat: water.

Other dinner guest issues: Both Miriam and I are pescatarians, which means for meat we only eat fish (but boy do we) and we don’t eat dairy. But if you put it in front of me and it looks good, I’ll eat it. Hopefully you don’t give me seconds or I’ll be sick later.

Why would I know you? Most people come across this site through links off of pseudo-christian blogs, even though I no longer consider myself a “christian” and most people who do run away crying when they spend more than 5 minutes here. I work a lot in technology but am not really ever linked to from the tech blogosphere. My tech writing is mostly translation work for non-techies (sort of like my former job in training). Mostly I am an art advocate and cultural pointer. I try to find new things in art and point them out with some intelligence. My goal is to have all cultural consumers getting their goods from independent or low-overhead distribution channels. Education is a key piece in that process, and I hope my site, beyond being an obvious platform for my own art, helps to contribute to that education.

What was that word you just used? I’ve semi-coined some stuff. Not coined so much as adopted into my writing with frequency: cultural consumers, cultural producers, cultivating organic cultural distribution networks, flattening existing cultural distribution hierarchies.

What is all this talk about a nonprofit and a web content management system? I’m in the process of planning and forming a nonprofit art organization that will help fund, promote, and otherwise enable what you might consider “non-market-oriented” cultural producers (artists), as well as educate cultural consumers (you), in order to take on “the man” (major media conglomerates, record labels, publishing houses). I’m not about toppling what’s already there, just about providing an alternative for both the producers and consumers of this thing we call art, and hopefully allowing the spread of some love and spiritual goodness around as a result.

The mCMS (micro Content Management System) is a piece of software I’m slowly building with the aim to both help fund the nonprofit, enable artists to take advantage of the World Wide Web, and also have a humble pseudo-business which develops technology, namely software, that helps make the world a better place.

…thanks for visiting and I hope you find something worthwhile enough to come back sometime!

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