Writers Are Tre Cool but Most Always Poor as Shit

When dan linked to karen’s rant yesterday, the main thing that stuck out at me was

…pre-postmodern born boomers or silents with multiple book contracts and we are not, and don’t, so a tiny part of us is jealous…

If I remember correctly, my thought was “Jealous of what?”

Almost blogged about it but didn’t feel it worth it until via JordOn I came upon Andrew’s rant about trying to get paid from one of his publishers. I can relate! I have no idea if I’m ever going to get paid for I am Relevant; but since it’s a 1/7th share of a low-distribution (only in “specialty stores” as Michael Knott once put it) book, I’m not going to sweat it too much, probly. You like what Andrew was owed after, what, a year or two? $200?!?! Yeah, sounds about right.

(I did notice andrew blogged all that right after also linking to karen’s rant. I’m assuming that’s no coinkidink.)

So yeah, be jealous, go right ahead.