Little Bit of Everything

calvin 01. Got my diplomatic “black” passport yesterday. Oh yeah.

  1. This one has been around the blogosphere already, but Anil’s blog was hillarious yesterday. The comments are also funny.

  2. If another person in Florida writes me about how “cold” it is there, I am going to fly down there just to beat them upside the head. {That statement of course assures me a few emails, “Hey Daniel it’s so cold here, I had to wear pants, heh heh!” No, the email is pants, so don’t. Just don’t.} It has been really cold here. Today the sun came out and it has been nice, above freezing w/o the wind chill (of course it is the wind that gets you every time). Still, it is really cold in Saskatchewan.

  3. Just as I was flopping into bed last night, I realized there is a major bug in SWM. Not just in the code, but in my architecture. So sorry if a permalink doesn’t work. I’m really bummed about this, because I’ve been in a coding slump lately anyway, i.e. not wanting to, but now this new revelation really makes me just want to bail on the project. I am thinking about starting work on the desktop piece on my own, in Visual Basic, because that is the really critical piece, the real innovation. This trying-to-piece-together-a-web-based-blogging-system part of it is first nothing new, then a pain in the ass. From my perspective, that of building a content management system and not just a blogging tool, the blog is a special case that I should be less concerned about. But. Have to support it.

  4. I think that’s it for now. Oh, I liked this link provided by theyblinked as well as his:

Organizations empowered with massive patronage of time and money want nothing to do with genuine public debate. Those with power want to wield it not discuss how to.

The Church has been lavished with just such patronage making debate over moral scandal, doctrinal idiocy, spiritual malpractice, administrative hubris, historical faux pas and the like not only improbable, but possibly impossible as it would endanger the conviction that such an organization wishes to encourage–that somehow it is or possesses an incarnate divine authority.

Whether infallible in book or man this don’t-ask-questions-accept-the-authority-of-the-Church posture worked well while the majority of people in its gravitational field were under the control of a carefully groomed spiritual and economic class system that ensured literacy, wealth and power to the few. When access to these “upper class” ways became generalized across a larger population the overbearing self-aggrandizement of entrenched institutional ways began to be seen for what they were: an exclusive club of power brokers dominating and profiting from those who came to them for spiritual solace in organizations presumptuous enough to declare themselves the embodied mediation of the way of Jesus.

Acting as if the way of Jesus is a trust fund of sorts these, the "heirs" of this way, set themselves as the gatekeepers and toll takers for a kingdom that was never theirs in the first place; never even that of Jesus. The Kingdom is God’s and is never co-opted intact.