Speaking of My New Church Part 1010

In a related vein, I continue to find unbelievably spiritual experiences in …maybe for u unexpected… places…

let me tell you how much this dude can play the fucking guitar. it is unbelievable. really.

Tonight we hung out at a medium sized Bosnian gathering in a private home. We were immediately received with great warmth. Food, spirits, and music were all in ample supply. The atmosphere was unmatched. It is really hard to do the night justice in words.

I had the thought…this is the kind of experience that Americans find maybe 10% of in church meetings, and then in programmed, sterilized formats. Tonight was a spontaneous, authentic experience with real people who have experienced true hardship and still give all of themselves to you.

Miriam had the kickers on the drive home:

People who have suffered the most are the warmest.

There’s something to be said about the way suffering shapes a person. And people in this country (America), in general, are just…selfish.</em>

This in response to my ruminating about what I had seen, and my confusion about how this culture (frmr. Yugoslavia) could have produced the kind of war that they did…and then you realize that the culture producers were the victims, and yet were the most victorious. Victorious in their desire for peace and their constant choice to Live in the face and constant threat of death.