Protest Pics 3 of 3

Some samples from the 36 b/w roll I shot, including some famous faces:

I think I saw these guys at the Misfits show. :) In case you can’t see it, the guy on the right’s mask says “Hello My Name Is: Civilian Casualty.”

These guys had huge masks of our heads-of-state, and were walking through the crowd going “don’t be afraid,” “everything is going to be alright,” “don’t think, it’s all ok” and stuff like that. They were being interviewed on TV and I was able to get some good shots of them. Rumsfeld was trying to put his toy fighter jet up Cheney’s nose in this shot. Cheney would have none of it. However, He did later dry-hump Bush, doggie-style.

Jesse Jackson. It’s a long story, but Jesse walked right by me and my camera malfunctioned right at that moment, causing me to miss the perfect shot of the day. I managed to squeeze up next to the stage and get this concelation shot of him afterwards.

Rev. Al Sharpton was in full effect.

Ok, so this one isn’t b/w, but I thought it was a fitting end to my humble photodocumentary. Peace.