Simple Simple Simple I Say Again Simple

It’s nice to be continually validated on this need for a simple CMS for the everyman. I must say, when I started SWM it wasn’t to target such a market, it was because I am also such an everyman and the thing in my head happened to be simple to use! (Sadly not so simple to build!)


so I was having a conversation with bloody Jones, about how complicated, rather than simple, blogging and the web had become. I said it was because MT and it’s ilk are all badly designed shit, filled with obscure terminology, and anti-features.

And this is a shame, because after all the hype about publishing for everyone, the geeks have, yet again, fucked the platform so no-one human can use it.

I’m an unashamed populist. If my mum can’t use it, if a complete web novice doesn’t get it straight away, i’ve failed.

And the Trotts, and all these people writing more endlessly self-referentially feedback mechanisms for staring up the arse of your referrers, are failing too.

Why do we keep making the web harder instead of easier?</em>

best comment to his post: Moveable Type is very much a power application - you’d be extremely lucky to find anyone who could install it, develop a site and play with it perfectly out of the box. If you’re looking for something intuitive and fast, then you go for Blogger (which I’m still using after three years) and then migrate to Moveable Type when you need the stunning range of features that it includes…

Which is why Blogger, even though it sucks in so many many ways, now has 1,000,000 users and MT…doesn’t.