Final Peeve Post Long Awaited Design Princ Page Forthcoming

I have no idea what peeve number I was on, but they all had to do with web design stuff, and I have been meaning to write a little bullet pointer on my personal design principles. So I made this under tech and plan on adding that to the design section of the site sometime in the near future (pending redesign of that section as well).

#? Font sizes I can’t change. This one is brutal because so many sites have this problem, and the browsers and operating systems all behave differently in this area. This is pretty much anyone using a WYSIWYG HTML editor, or using pt or px as their font size unit. I’ve played around with em units and no units, and still use %. I am just about to finally release control over the font type and size completely (I’ve set my browser to ignore fonts anyway). I wish everybody did, so I need to lead by example I guess.