Miriam Proves Her Dominance Once Again

At the risk of being campy myself and linking to Miriam’s site, I thought I’d post this just in case for some unfathomable reason you hadn’t already read it, or needed clarification of some sort.

The language ranking system in the Foreign Service is 1-5, 5 being the topmost, totally fluent native speaker. You get two scores, one for speaking and one for reading. In case you missed it a while back she only got “4+/4+” in her native freaking language (but she took it so well) just because she didn’t go to University in Slovakia! Hello?! She spoke better Slovak than the people testing her!

Well anyway, she just had a progress test for Bosnian, which she has only had full time training in for a handful of weeks, and she already scored a 3/3. A-freaking-mazing. Only trouble is, now they might send us even earlier, or worse, make her work at the main St. Dept! (Update: Miriam worked her magic again so no chance of that!)

No one will be negotiating those contracts with the local Bosnians as well as Miriam, ever!

(P.S. If you had bad thoughts re: the title of this post hit yourself upside the head for me.)